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Tuesday, May 26

Holiday Weekend = Carless Fail

When it comes to the holidays, it is really nice to have an extra day off, spend some extra time with family, and in general just enjoy life. Trouble is, doing those things without a car is extra difficult, as the mass transit system fails miserably on most holidays. In a lot of ways, this makes sense. Ridership is down, plus the drivers want to be grilling and chilling too. It is, however, very frustrating.

Holly has been feeling sick again lately, but this time it is less to do with throwing up and more to do with having hurt herself somewhere along the line. Now... she has a hard time walking around. This, for us, is a major issue, because we like to go out and walk around Sugarhouse, or head to a mall and go window shopping, or go the park and let the Paladin chase ducks around. Unfortunately, when you are having a hard time walking, none of these things are easy.

Oh, and... Liberty Park has a cool Ferris Wheel. We decided to go (my brother drove), and got there... right as they closed. At 7 pm. Why does everything in the park go from Noon until 5 or 7? How are families really supposed to enjoy them if they aren't open during hours when a working parent could actually go?
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