Saturday, November 30


This blog has been pretty inactive for a while. I've been working on other projects - Dear Hashtag and Clockwork Chaos, that have taken my writing attention away from this project. It shows, too. I have 87 Posts in 2009, and only 8 in the three following years, with this post as my first in 2013.

I logged in and the number of views caught my eye - Over 10,000! It seems that in spite of my activity, daily traffic to my blog has averaged a dozen or two every day, and I passed this major milestone on Thanksgiving! Among my most popular posts you will find:

Why Live in Salt Lake City, Utah? - This is the cover page for a series I ran on the reasons I love (and hate) living in Salt Lake.
Guest Postings - This was my plea for guest bloggers, which garnered pretty much no attention at all, so I was surprised to find it on the list.
Holly, I love you, Don't read this post - This was my attempt at leveraging my readers to help support the blog. Needless to say, my readership is far too small for such a major endeavor. Somehow, this has more views than any other. Maybe someone is using at a classic example of what not to do?

At this point, I doubt I'll ever fully reengage with this blog. I prefer the whimsical joy of Dear Hashtag and the dark wonder of Clockwork Chaos. Plus, my obsession with Mass Transit has waned, and I've grown somewhat jaded about the whole thing. Too many years of change going the wrong direction - increased fares, decreased bus service, and so forth. Still, I don't have a car, and I'm a parent. Maybe I'll start adding to the Love/Hate series again. It could happen. 

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  1. Congratulations on your milestone. We never know where a small endeavor may lead us.


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