Sunday, May 6

And... it begins again!

So... my last post was... about a thousand years ago. Surprisingly, I actually have some traffic on this blog, which is... well.. amazing. This is pretty much the deciding factor in whether or not to move: I already have this blog built, and I don't see a reason not to keep it and keep using it. That being said... this blog will no longer be specifically about mass transit or parenting or green development or whatever I was using it for. Because clearly, that wasn't working. I will keep up on that from time to time, but it won't be an emphasis or even a regular feature (at least not right now). Instead, I'm just going to post about... well, whatever I feel like posting about. I know immediate ideas include Dungeons and Dragons, Politics, Philosophy, Religion, Children, Utah, School, Gaming, Nerdy stuff, and well, basically, whatever I feel like.
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