Friday, February 11

Resolutions and Goals Response

Over on Soul Questioner, one of my other projects, I posed the question yesterday of what goals I am currently working on and how I'm doing. This post is my (somewhat belated) response.

I have lots of goals, varying from short term easy goals (get my homework done by Sunday) and medium length goals (improve my blogs and make them profitable) and really long term goals (finish school and move to England). Although these goals are variable, there is one simple equation for making goals, which I attempt to apply to mine. This is one of the many topics that my new Blog Seminar is going to be covering. It starts on March 1st (a Tuesday) and if anyone is interested the first month is going to be free. After that, I'm not sure about pricing just yet. If anyone is limited, I still have a number of spots available, but I'm only allowing a limited number so sign up right away. (I may add an additional number if demand is high, but exceeding the cap would mean that additional people need to start paying, so signing up early is a good idea.)

Once I have a link for the seminar I will post details on here.
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