Thursday, January 20

I promise, a real post. But first...

Before I get to a real post, which I fully intend to do tonight (by which I mean it'll be after midnight but before I retire to bed), you should check out my OTHER project (which is currently getting priority for some arcane reason). This is about freebies, giveaways, sweepstakes, contests, and other methods to win/score great loot. Legal methods. Ones that don't involve kneecaps. Or, you know, a real job.

Which, for the record, I'm still trying to find.

I also plan on posting links to book reviews from time to time. Go read them, vote (and get your own free books, too!).

Oh, and for the record... school this semester is going quite well. And last semester I got a 3.2. That is all.

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