Thursday, January 20

Culture Cookies!

Just one of the many reasons I love being in Salt Lake City is the endless supply of Culture. Yes, with a Capital C. The post about why I hate Salt Lake's culture is for another day.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't do it all. I'm not at every venue, I don't make it to every show. I barely skim across the surface of the burgeoning rebirth art scene here, and when I do dive in I'm often confused. None of that is the point. The point is simply that a multitude of options exist, such that any given individual can find what they are looking for. Whether that means the Fetish Ball at Area 51, the great Mormon singles scene at the Institute (if that counts as culture, that is), or the plethora of restaurants, shops, clubs, bars, theaters, and so forth. Not to mention the Opera, the Ballet, the Symphony, the Big Ass Show, the endless supply of summer festivals (including but not limited to the Jazz Festival, which was simply incredible in 2010 and will be worth it to revisit from now on).

Regardless of what you like or what kind of place you think is appropriate for your kind, there is a place for you. Culture. In every form and variation a modern, cosmopolitan yet conservative city can create out of their fevered imaginations. Humor, satire, honor, music, noise, silence, food, diets, decadence and religion. All jumbled together, mixed in, and then baked in the summer sun.

That is a recipe for some delicious culture cookies. Yum.

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  1. Funny comment about Institute considering where you met a sweet lady I know....Well, Met her again I should say...


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