Thursday, January 13

Considering Restarting

I am considering restarting consistent posting on this blog, but I have to know: Does anyone want it? Part of blogging is sending my opinions out into the nethersphere of the internet, and it takes time to develop a following that cares, comments, and posts. So here are my questions:

If I restart, would you read my posts?
What would make you more likely to read my posts?
Would things like giveaways, guest posts, and so forth, increase or decrease your likelihood of reading?

I have 9 "Friend followers" and 22 people who subscribe via reader, which is considerably more than I thought I had, so I'm looking at it pretty seriously.


  1. I'm following you now... I have read more frequently in the past, but if I don't follow I don't keep up. Now I will. I enjoy your adventures :)

  2. I'm not in SLC any more but I am still interested in what you have to say. I do read it when you post.

  3. I'm actually reading blogs I follow now, so... it's a good time to start again?


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