Thursday, January 27

A Bus to Belize, Banning Cars, and Other Controversial Topics

My brother is currently in Belize, working on an Organic Farm and doing some internet money magic stuff I don't fully understand. He took a bus to where he was headed in Belize, and other than a single bus line that was significantly longer than he had realized, things pretty much went according to plan. His full post about his bus adventures can be found here. If you aren't already following him, you should seriously consider it, as he is almost certain to get some pretty entertaining stories out of it (although some may not be posted, due to being overly self-deprecating. If that's the case and I hear the story, I'll make sure to tell them instead). He's posting from his Kindle and his little cute mini-laptop thingy, which caused him unexpected grief along the way, as he explains in his post. He even gets a serious case of Bus Envy!

I was reading in the paper today, and some ignorant woman posted a letter asking whether we should be banning cars, as one was recently used as the murder weapon in a grisly death. Although she clearly meant for the letter to be primarily rhetorical, the bulk of the comments seem to have the same basic idea that I do, although they don't take it very far. The basic consensus seems to be that her argument is absurd, that the comparison is faulty, etc. Unfortunately, this type of counterargument falls directly into her trap (If it is absurd to ban cars, it is equally absurd to ban guns, the wielder not the weapon makes the kill). With that in mind, I'd rather completely ignore the argument of gun control, primarily because it is more than a little silly, given how set in stone the current laws are. The Left already lost this fight. Cars on the other hand, have never really been discussed in terms of being machines built to kill people. Ironically, several of the counterarguments involve other things which kill people and are over-regulated, thereby furthering my argument even more. If we can regulate guns, beer, porn, cigarettes, fireworks, or water usage rights, why the hell don't we ever both regulating cars with laws that actually have weight behind them?


  1. your brother amazes me. I've been reading his blog and I'm in awe.

  2. I haven't read the latest but I will soon. I use my car the way I would a gun if I had self-defense. It's defense against the cold, sun, hail, rain, muggers, and all sorts of possible unpleasantness. The difference is that I use a car regularly and not against a human being.

    My sons probably know my stance on gun control. I probably ought to get one and get trained but so far in my life I haven't really felt it to be necessary. Then again, I lock my car doors...!

    okay, even I am not sure exactly what I mean, whether it's funny or serious so don't worry too much if you don't either.

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