Monday, August 31

Rebirth: Volume II

I got shiny things! Thanks Holly!

For the official record, Holly, my lovely, amazing, talented (and in all other ways magnificent) wife, made a new header and a new background for me, perfect for a renaissance. I have all kinds of things I want to share, including UTA's development plans and their redrawn schedules, the birth of my second son (who is cuter than cute kittens), and massive plans for the future...

But I don't have time today (see clock, bleargh), and I'm about to go to bed.

However, you should check out the following blogs:

Living Love Photos
Moving Fordward

These two blogs have something in common with mine:

All the backgrounds were made by my lovely wife!

And, I'm pretty sure if you asked nicely (and offered some form of compensation), she would design one for you, too. Custom backgrounds grab attention better than those boring ones everyone starts out with, so if you want one, and don't want to do it yourself (or just want a piece of that talent!), leave a comment here or on Moving Fordward.

Monday, August 24

Consider this a Renaissance

So... I haven't posted in a while. Part of this is due to my newest son, "Jef," being born, and part of it is due to an attempt on my part to spend work time actually working on work (imagine!), but mostly it derives from me being unsure of the vision I had with this blog, how to best go about it, and what I really want to be blogging about.

Ultimately, I think I really want to be working on what I had been working on: how to ride the bus/train when dealing with a small child/children, technological and political movements in the mass transit industry, and anecdotes, ideas, and hypothetical situations regarding my adventures as a carless parent.

Thus, the rebirth. I'm probably going to get my lovely wife to help revamp the way the blog looks, and I'm going to try to post at least 3 times a week. Today counts. I'll be back... there have been some major developments in the last few days/weeks, and I have things to say about them.
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