Tuesday, September 15

Help me stop John McCain from gutting transit

I just heard this alarming and outrageous news: Senator John McCain has just proposed 20 amendments to a transportation funding bill that have one common theme: breaking a federal promise to fund public transit projects.

Longstanding plans by communities all over the country - both urban and rural - to provide safe, clean transit, walking and bicycling options will be destroyed.

Senators will vote on these amendments today: Write your senators today and tell them to vote NO on these blatant anti-transit amendments - and to encourage their colleagues to do the same. Even if your Senator is a conservative (mine is), remind him of Portland, where a small investment in mass transit created billions of dollars of business revenue and dramatically increased the tax income from that area, easily paying for itself.

The project in Utah that these investments go to? A trolley.
Just like Portland.

Please write!

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