Friday, April 3

Why I Love/Hate Salt Lake (Detail 3) - Weather

Why I absolutely HATE the weather in Utah:

It isn't the snow, honestly (although it gets old, eventually). I like autumn/winter clothing better than spring/summer stuff, so the snow is a nice excuse.

It isn't the heat, either. I don't mind staying inside until it cools down a bit, and I love the warm summer nights.

What I absolutely hate, more than anything else about Utah's weather?

How much it changes from day to day. This week it has snowed two or three times, but it has also been sunny enough to go outside without a coat on. If you think this is just a spring thing... I very much disagree. It does this all year long, and I hate it. I want the weather to pick something (hopefully seasonal) and stick with it!


  1. yeah--like Spring! If it's got to snow, I'm glad for the sunny days in between! I like spring and summer clothes best but can't take the summer daytime heat or the mosquitoes.

    I wonder if Wild Oats has a natural repellent that doesn't have DEET in it. I like the Avon stuff but don't really know if their chemical is much better than DEET. What did our ancestors do? (Besides catch malaria?)

  2. They lived in places that didn't have mosquitos.


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