Thursday, April 16


So, yesterday I swung by Wal-Mart on the way home, mostly to pick up an envelope just in case my Dad didn't end up bringing one by, so we could file our tax thingamabob. Now, I have the worst luck with Wal-Mart. Invariably, regardless of how carefully I give myself an extra ten minutes, something goes wrong, or takes too long, or the bus is super early, such that I end up getting into the parking lot at the exact same time as the bus hurtles by 50 yards away.

Not the case this time. I was out there pretty much perfectly on time, so the bus came two or three minutes after I got to the stop. As he pulled up, he pointed down with a funny look on his face, like "You want me to stop here?" I nodded, thinking "Duh!" only to look around and realize...

I wasn't at the bus stop.

I was standing next to a speed limit sign.


  1. Well, you are lucky. He stopped. Kind of amazing, actually.

  2. No wonder the bus always misses you! ;)


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