Tuesday, April 21


Riding on the bus, I occasionally overhear random snippets of conversation. Sometimes they make sense, other times they don't, and about one in five isn't really publishable. Today's conversation wasn't too bad.

A guy gets on the bus, with a book in hand, page marked early on in the book. The driver says "Starting a new book, huh?" A smiles, says something, and moves on. Sits down next to a girl, who is also holding a book, and says "That's one nice thing about the bus: I get a lot of reading done." She says "Are you kidding? That's why I ride the bus in the first place! I used to drive, and I felt totally uneducated because I wasn't reading anything!"

Yeah. Anyway. Just thought I'd share.


  1. Wow, that's cool. If you don't get carsick from reading on the bus.
    One day on a bus there were these people talking about who's in jail, who's out, like it was a lifestyle for them. I just sat there amazed.

  2. As if there wasn't enough to be concerned about in as a parent... some of the conversations I've heard on the bus would make K&K blush in embarrassment...

    At least I won't have to worry about my kid coming home totally wasted thinking he's a race car driver.


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