Thursday, April 16

Not in Utah

No High Speed Rail lines here. Press release and all that jazz (see more here, here, and here), but there are not plans for enhancing anything in poor little old Utah. See map:
And then I thought about it...

Where would it go?

High Speed Rail, the kind that goes upward of 100 mph? In Utah? To Where?


  • Wendover? Only if the Casinos pay for it.
  • St. George? Not enough traffic to justify it.
  • More local? Provo/Ogden? Too close, doesn't justify the line.
  • Further Afield? Vegas? Denver? Reno? These are too far, and still don't justify the line.
I guess we're stuck with the California Zephyr for now, and I'm pretty much ok with that.


  1. The California Zephyr has the best scenery in North America. Every American should ride that train.

  2. It is a pretty good train, but it costs a lot and takes a long time, so unless you have the extra time, it isn't really an option to get across the country.


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