Thursday, April 30

HUD/DOT Partnership

About a month ago, HUD and DOT decided that they needed to be working together a lot more (and a lot better) than they currently are. Most of it is bureaucratic nonsense, the kind of thing that says "Harmonize! Redefine! Change! Transparency!" You know, the usual rhetoric for a new administration's press release.

One paragraph caught my eye though:

The task force will redefine affordability to reflect those interdependent costs. The task force will also continue to ensure that the costs of living in certain geographic areas are transparent– using an online tool that calculates the combined housing and transportation costs families face when choosing a new home.

I think this could be an incredibly useful function, a tool that allows you to input a neighborhood, and it would spit out information on Utilities, Transit, availability of transit, food costs, and more. The fundamental costs of living in that location. Hopefully this will actually work, and not be some useless government calculator that is hopelessly inaccurate.


  1. It's one thing we had to consider before we moved...did the ongoing extra transportation costs overcome the lower housing cost? For us, with our current jobs, it was a wash...I'm 10 minutes closer; he is 10 minutes further out. It would save more if he drove a smaller car, but we again do a balancing features vs. gas mileage.

    Now if Transit was just more convenient for both of us, we'd have it made! Okay, it doesn't even go to my work, and turns his one-hour commute into three. Too bad he can't use it for study time, but too much is on the internet.

  2. Maybe you guys should look at a hybrid? Better gas mileage, but they are starting to exist in pretty much every car, especially if you go with Toyota.


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