Monday, April 13

Grocery Shopping

On my list, grocery shopping is pretty high up there on the Dreaded Tasks list. Mind you, I’m not talking about the quick trip to the store to get milk and bread, I’m talking about the stocking up for the week trips, the ones where you have to figure out what you need to get through the week, without a) wasting money and b) getting too much stuff to get home.

Saturday was a particularly lousy trip. I wasn’t really feeling good anyway, but we were unable to contact anyone for a ride (one of my easiest ways out) so I was stuck doing it on foot. I bring the kid, because the stroller generally makes it easier, not more difficult. I grabbed the umbrella stroller, though, because our big one is practically falling apart, and if I loaded it down with groceries, the wheels would pop right off half way home, which really wouldn’t help. So I threw the little one into his umbrella stroller, and headed out. Got what we needed, checked out (too much money, of course), and headed for the door… only to realize that it was pouring rain outside. And I had too much stuff for the kid and the groceries to fit, which meant he was walking home. In the rain.

This is not one of those times you look forward to having.

So I pack it all up, get stuff tied on, and am pretty much all ready to head out the door, when I hear a woman ask “Do you want a ride?”

Suffice it to say, I took it.

Looking back, I’m not really sure I should have. She didn’t have a car seat, for one thing, so the little monster sat on my lap, which I’m not really ok with. Maybe I should have sat it out, waited for the storm to subside. Maybe I should have just walked, and suffered the consequences. Maybe.


  1. Oh gosh, what a day! It sounds like it was okay to take the ride, but it probably made you nervous. One time in Provo I got too many library books and had to juggle them home with 2-year old Dallen in my arms as well, first the bus and then walking.

    You want a red wagon? It might be easier for this sort of trip. I have two at the moment. You can take them in the rain as long as you don't leave them out in the rain because when they catch water they rust.

    You can stick Ryan in, in his car seat or just in the wagon, or stick a box in; fit a box to it that you can put groceries in, and you're in business. I bet he'd love it.

  2. Well, you took a chance and you lived to tell about it. *heh* You sound like an amazing mother, so I would not worry if I were you! I like Lynn's idea of the little red wagon. I see those quite often. Great idea.

    If you would like to do the interview on my blog, please send me you e-mail address, and I will forward the questions to you. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, I can post the questions here. Cheers!

  3. I should have made that more clear. :-)

  4. Hi Mommy!

    Should I tell her Dominic is an amazing Daddy?

    sorry Jo. He gets that a lot, actually, especially after Dominique the figure-skater was so popular a few years back.

  5. Jo-

    Thanks for the great interview questions, my responses are now posted.


    I'd love to take a little red wagon off your hands. Maybe it will get the Paladin off his insane jealousy of the little asian kid's wicked sweet convertible.

    Speaking of which, we don't really use the kid's names on here. I don't know why, it just seems to be the way things are done. We use our names, no problem, but not theirs. So the toddler is the Paladin, and the little one will probably be the Barbarian, although it is up for change until such time as personality actually develops.

  6. Oh dear, now I'll probably have to look up Paladin on google too.

    Sorry about that, I realized too late you don't usually use his name. Hence, the kid, as you used earlier. Maybe we can slip a bit of carpet into that little red wagon to keep his bottom clean. On the outside at least.


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