Wednesday, April 8

A Few Numbers

First, let's consider that for 14 months straight, mass transit use has increased. At first, this was attributed simply to gas prices, but now that a gallon of gas is cheaper than a bus ticket, that's just silly.

Of course, if mass transit use is up, that means highway use is down, right?


In Utah, what that means is that traffic congestion has decreased a total of 45% from last year. This is an immense change!

Unfortunately, they road segments they analyze don't really cover Salt Lake as a Metropolitan Area, just the Salt Lake Valley (and, strangely, across I-80. Did they ask anyone who lives here?). It goes from North Salt Lake to Draper, missing the two worst parts of the commute.

Interestingly, the worst time of day to drive is on Wednesday from 5-6 pm. Also, the traffic time is only 1.07 (meaning it takes 7% longer than "freeflow" conditions), compared to last year's at 1.14, which is a pretty major improvement.

Thankfully, all this reduction in road usage is also marking a reduction in deaths. It is important to note that although we have a marker for when our deaths were this low (JFK era), they aren't per capita, it is a flat number. Consider how much larger a nation we are today, and that flat number is even more impressive.

The next one is a little silly (see if you can figure out why). American's love trains!


  1. I'd still probably take the car, because it's so easy to get in at your driveway and get out at the place you are going. Spoiled little me. Also, as most of my life has been spent carting passengers around, you double/triple/quadruple the fare and it gets costly.

    Outside of my region, the airplane in a heartbeat!

  2. In this case, region typically means from one big city to the next, not really inside a city. So this would be from here to Denver, to Vegas, to San Francisco (although that might be a stretch, but such is the West), to Cheyenne or to Boise. It could also include the smaller subcities, like St George, Wendover, Pocatello, Colorado Springs, etc.

    But that isn't why the question is silly.


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