Monday, April 20

Dad Blogs Giveaway

I'm entering a contest to win this awesome swingset/playset thing. Growing up, we had this ghetto-awesome swingset, (which was really just a giant metal bar welded to two other giant medal bars which were bent and cemented into the ground. It wasn't rated, because it was homemade, and if you went to fast/high, the poles pulled out of the ground. It was great fun, though! My parent's moved, so the little Paladin and Barbarian won't be able to use it, which is kind of sad.

My parents decided a while ago that for Christmas/Birthdays they were going to start buying up a play set, a piece at a time. A baby swing went up first, followed by a small playset, a slide, etc. This is at their house, so all the kids get to use it, which is actually better, really. They plan on being there permanently (or at least until the grandkids start having kids), so a play place would be a great installation. TONS of kids would get to use it, and the swings are rated at 250 lbs each, which is really impressive (and it means they won't grow out of it as quickly. The playplace is from Kid's Creations, and the giveaway is through Dad Blogs (which I need to look into more closely).

If I won, this would go in at my folks house, since they have one and I don't.

It would get used, and it would be awesome.


  1. Thank you! I haven't heard the results yet, but I figure you doubled our chances...except that every time we pass on the word, more people enter. It's fun to do anyway!


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