Saturday, November 30


This blog has been pretty inactive for a while. I've been working on other projects - Dear Hashtag and Clockwork Chaos, that have taken my writing attention away from this project. It shows, too. I have 87 Posts in 2009, and only 8 in the three following years, with this post as my first in 2013.

I logged in and the number of views caught my eye - Over 10,000! It seems that in spite of my activity, daily traffic to my blog has averaged a dozen or two every day, and I passed this major milestone on Thanksgiving! Among my most popular posts you will find:

Why Live in Salt Lake City, Utah? - This is the cover page for a series I ran on the reasons I love (and hate) living in Salt Lake.
Guest Postings - This was my plea for guest bloggers, which garnered pretty much no attention at all, so I was surprised to find it on the list.
Holly, I love you, Don't read this post - This was my attempt at leveraging my readers to help support the blog. Needless to say, my readership is far too small for such a major endeavor. Somehow, this has more views than any other. Maybe someone is using at a classic example of what not to do?

At this point, I doubt I'll ever fully reengage with this blog. I prefer the whimsical joy of Dear Hashtag and the dark wonder of Clockwork Chaos. Plus, my obsession with Mass Transit has waned, and I've grown somewhat jaded about the whole thing. Too many years of change going the wrong direction - increased fares, decreased bus service, and so forth. Still, I don't have a car, and I'm a parent. Maybe I'll start adding to the Love/Hate series again. It could happen. 

Sunday, May 6

And... it begins again!

So... my last post was... about a thousand years ago. Surprisingly, I actually have some traffic on this blog, which is... well.. amazing. This is pretty much the deciding factor in whether or not to move: I already have this blog built, and I don't see a reason not to keep it and keep using it. That being said... this blog will no longer be specifically about mass transit or parenting or green development or whatever I was using it for. Because clearly, that wasn't working. I will keep up on that from time to time, but it won't be an emphasis or even a regular feature (at least not right now). Instead, I'm just going to post about... well, whatever I feel like posting about. I know immediate ideas include Dungeons and Dragons, Politics, Philosophy, Religion, Children, Utah, School, Gaming, Nerdy stuff, and well, basically, whatever I feel like.

Friday, February 11

Resolutions and Goals Response

Over on Soul Questioner, one of my other projects, I posed the question yesterday of what goals I am currently working on and how I'm doing. This post is my (somewhat belated) response.

I have lots of goals, varying from short term easy goals (get my homework done by Sunday) and medium length goals (improve my blogs and make them profitable) and really long term goals (finish school and move to England). Although these goals are variable, there is one simple equation for making goals, which I attempt to apply to mine. This is one of the many topics that my new Blog Seminar is going to be covering. It starts on March 1st (a Tuesday) and if anyone is interested the first month is going to be free. After that, I'm not sure about pricing just yet. If anyone is limited, I still have a number of spots available, but I'm only allowing a limited number so sign up right away. (I may add an additional number if demand is high, but exceeding the cap would mean that additional people need to start paying, so signing up early is a good idea.)

Once I have a link for the seminar I will post details on here.

Thursday, January 27

A Bus to Belize, Banning Cars, and Other Controversial Topics

My brother is currently in Belize, working on an Organic Farm and doing some internet money magic stuff I don't fully understand. He took a bus to where he was headed in Belize, and other than a single bus line that was significantly longer than he had realized, things pretty much went according to plan. His full post about his bus adventures can be found here. If you aren't already following him, you should seriously consider it, as he is almost certain to get some pretty entertaining stories out of it (although some may not be posted, due to being overly self-deprecating. If that's the case and I hear the story, I'll make sure to tell them instead). He's posting from his Kindle and his little cute mini-laptop thingy, which caused him unexpected grief along the way, as he explains in his post. He even gets a serious case of Bus Envy!

I was reading in the paper today, and some ignorant woman posted a letter asking whether we should be banning cars, as one was recently used as the murder weapon in a grisly death. Although she clearly meant for the letter to be primarily rhetorical, the bulk of the comments seem to have the same basic idea that I do, although they don't take it very far. The basic consensus seems to be that her argument is absurd, that the comparison is faulty, etc. Unfortunately, this type of counterargument falls directly into her trap (If it is absurd to ban cars, it is equally absurd to ban guns, the wielder not the weapon makes the kill). With that in mind, I'd rather completely ignore the argument of gun control, primarily because it is more than a little silly, given how set in stone the current laws are. The Left already lost this fight. Cars on the other hand, have never really been discussed in terms of being machines built to kill people. Ironically, several of the counterarguments involve other things which kill people and are over-regulated, thereby furthering my argument even more. If we can regulate guns, beer, porn, cigarettes, fireworks, or water usage rights, why the hell don't we ever both regulating cars with laws that actually have weight behind them?

Thursday, January 20

Culture Cookies!

Just one of the many reasons I love being in Salt Lake City is the endless supply of Culture. Yes, with a Capital C. The post about why I hate Salt Lake's culture is for another day.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't do it all. I'm not at every venue, I don't make it to every show. I barely skim across the surface of the burgeoning rebirth art scene here, and when I do dive in I'm often confused. None of that is the point. The point is simply that a multitude of options exist, such that any given individual can find what they are looking for. Whether that means the Fetish Ball at Area 51, the great Mormon singles scene at the Institute (if that counts as culture, that is), or the plethora of restaurants, shops, clubs, bars, theaters, and so forth. Not to mention the Opera, the Ballet, the Symphony, the Big Ass Show, the endless supply of summer festivals (including but not limited to the Jazz Festival, which was simply incredible in 2010 and will be worth it to revisit from now on).

Regardless of what you like or what kind of place you think is appropriate for your kind, there is a place for you. Culture. In every form and variation a modern, cosmopolitan yet conservative city can create out of their fevered imaginations. Humor, satire, honor, music, noise, silence, food, diets, decadence and religion. All jumbled together, mixed in, and then baked in the summer sun.

That is a recipe for some delicious culture cookies. Yum.

I promise, a real post. But first...

Before I get to a real post, which I fully intend to do tonight (by which I mean it'll be after midnight but before I retire to bed), you should check out my OTHER project (which is currently getting priority for some arcane reason). This is about freebies, giveaways, sweepstakes, contests, and other methods to win/score great loot. Legal methods. Ones that don't involve kneecaps. Or, you know, a real job.

Which, for the record, I'm still trying to find.

I also plan on posting links to book reviews from time to time. Go read them, vote (and get your own free books, too!).

Oh, and for the record... school this semester is going quite well. And last semester I got a 3.2. That is all.

Thursday, January 13

Considering Restarting

I am considering restarting consistent posting on this blog, but I have to know: Does anyone want it? Part of blogging is sending my opinions out into the nethersphere of the internet, and it takes time to develop a following that cares, comments, and posts. So here are my questions:

If I restart, would you read my posts?
What would make you more likely to read my posts?
Would things like giveaways, guest posts, and so forth, increase or decrease your likelihood of reading?

I have 9 "Friend followers" and 22 people who subscribe via reader, which is considerably more than I thought I had, so I'm looking at it pretty seriously.
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